Our mission at Patterson Moving is to provide local residential and commercial moving services with professionalism, respect, and care.

Patterson Moving, Your Local Moving Company

Our Company Promise To You.

  • Professionalism

    We are expert movers.

  • Integrity

    We stand by our work.

  • Reliability

    We are prompt and follow through on our work.

  • Courtesy

    Expect respect from us!

Seth Patterson


Seth grew up lifting and arranging things. He has been a lifelong weight lifter who wanted to see how he could use this passion in a career. He spent 4 years in the Marines as a combat engineer, where he did some moving as part of the job. He then worked for a year as a professional mover full time in 2014, before taking a factory job in which he lifted 50 – 100lb bags 10 hours a day. He missed connecting with new people, a neat side benefit of the moving business. So he spent the next 4 years working nights and weekends with a moving company around his factory job, and later a few sales and marketing jobs. Seth put all his experiences together in 2019 to start Patterson Moving, bringing his passion for moving together with his passion for people. “It warms my heart to help people out and see them happy when I’ve been able to complete a job for them.”

Our Warranty Is A Careful Move Backed With Liability and Accident Insurance.

We take great care to handle your move efficiently, safely, and with minimal incidents. Patterson Moving is licensed and insured. We encourage you to confirm additional protection through your renters or homeowner’s insurance. As expedited movers, our team packs the truck, drives to your destination, and then unloads your boxes. You know exactly who you are dealing with every step of the way. We take our long-term relationships seriously and act with integrity as your local moving company.

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